TNA - Hard Justice 2010 38"x24" PPV Poster

TNA - Hard Justice 2010 38"x24" PPV Poster

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TNA PPV Poster

After the closing of TNA's Impact Zone in Orlando, FL, we have managed to aquire a huge amount of full size PPV Posters.

These are used to promote the PPV events and measure approx 38 inches high and 24 inches wide.

The designs may vary slightly as different posters we produced with different logos on, but the main overall design will look as pictured.

Please Notte : Because some of the posters are upto 8 years old, the occassional one may have very small creaeses and possibly a tiny rip where they have been stored. 99% of the posters are in perfect condition.

We will endeavour to pick out the best conditioned poster that we have for your order.

Sent in a postal tube. These posters are exclusive to Wrestling Store, and we have a special if you buy two, you get them for just £10 - Please find the special offer product in the posters section!