What we do?

Wrestling Store.co.uk is home to the majority of the world's top wrestling brands merchandise in the UK & Europe.

We only sell Official items and all items are sourced direct from the company or it's partners

Our Vision

An unparalleled range of products and companies. We bring in the very best wrestling from all over the world to give you the biggest selection of wrestling merchandise anywhere!

We also have many exclusive items we can only be purchased from us! Our range is always expanding too!

This isn't all we do!

From Event Production to Tour Management, all the way to Graphic Design and Wrestling Ring Construction

We cover such a wide spectrum of services both in the Wrestling Industry and outside.

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Is it Official? Real? Authentic? etc!

We get asked if the items are authenticl, are the items really signed by the Wrestler, is that a legitimate item and so on.

We understand more and more "replica" items are being sold, in all industries, not just ours. However we do not sell any item that would not come either directly from the Company or it's Official Partner or from the Wrestler themselves.

We never have and never will stock a single item that is not 100% genuine. The item you receive will always be exactly the same as you'd get from the manufacturer.

Item Packaging

We aim to package all orders, the way in which we would expect to receive them. Even UK deliveries go through a vast network to arrive in your possession, let alone deliveries to the other side of the world.

We use New Padded Jiffy Envelopes or Cardboard Boxes or Mailers to send out all products to try and protect them through the postal system and arrive to you in the best possible condition.

We do not differentiate between "collectors" and "non-collectors" we want everybody’s item to arrive in the best condition possible.

We Sell Elsewhere Too!

Not only do we have this expansive website, but we sell on both eBay & Amazon too. We have our retail store in Portsmouth, UK and also we occasionally sell at Live Events too.

Here are some links / information

eBay Store :- Visit our eBay UK Store
Amazon Store :- Visit our Amazon Storefront
Retail Store :- UK Retail Store Information

Please Note : The prices on eBay & Amazon are higher on these sites due to the commission charged to list there.

You Got A Problem Mate?

Should you have an issue or problem with an order or delivery. We are easy to contact and will do everything we can to rectify the situation.

Things tend to run smooth, However, please remember we are here to help and want to make everything easy and hassle-free for you.

When contacting us, please have an order number to hand and please give us time to come back to you. We'll always do our best!

A short simple polite e-mail is all it takes!

Only Official Products
Professional Packaging
Fast Delivery
Unparalleled Range
Knowledgeable Staff