ROH - Straight Shootin' with The Fantastics DVD

ROH - Straight Shootin' with The Fantastics DVD

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ROH - Straight Shootin' with The Fantastics DVD

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Straight Shootin' 
with The Fantastics 

Straight Shootin' With The Fantastics has Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton sit down together for the first time to discuss their entire careers. The Fantastics played a major part in revolutionizing tag team wrestling as Rogers & Fulton saw action against all the greats in almost every legendary territory!!!

Rogers & Fulton hold nothing back in discussing their entire careers from starting in the business all the way until present day. The Fantastics had some of the most famous feuds and they talk about them all here. You'll hear about the first ever barbed wire matches against The Sheepherders and all their classics against The Midnight Express.

Rogers & Fulton's love for the wrestling business comes through in this interview as these two longtime tag team partners share all the inside scoops on working Mid-South to World Class to NWA to All Japan and everyone in between. You'll hear it all from shocking stories such as the time Kevin Von Erich almost died in one of their matches to funny memories like road and prank stories from various locker rooms.

What move didn't Bret Hart want to take when Bobby Fulton was in Calgary? What was Fritz Von Erich's reaction when Rogers saved Kevin's life? Why didn't Rogers like The Fantastics gimmick at first? Why did they walk out of territories several times?

Rogers and Fulton are an open book of wrestling knowledge and history in this one. All the greats are discussed here and you'll understand what they were like to work with inside and outside the ring. Tag team history is preserved right here in Straight Shootin' With The Fantastics.

Topics Included:
-Both talk individually about their starts.
-How they learned to wrestle on the job.
-Fulton talks about going to Calgary.
-What move Bret Hart wouldn't do in Calgary.
-Fights between wrestlers in Calgary.
-Rogers talks about the early territories he worked for.
-Fulton's early tag team with Terry Taylor and why it didn't work.
-How they came together with a team.
-Why Rogers didn't like The Fantastics gimmick at first.
-Working for Bill Watts in Mid-South.
-Reaction of The Rock'n'Roll Express to the similar Fantastics gimmick.
-Wrestling Jim Cornette & The Midnight Express in Mid-South.
-Both talk about all the greats in Mid-South.
-Road and prank stories from Mid-South.
-Leaving Mid-South and going to World Class.
-Working for Fritz Von Erich.
-They discuss possible reasons why so many Von Erichs committed suicide.
-The night Kevin Von Erich almost died in one of their matches.
-Fritz's reaction to Tommy saving Kevin's life.
-Kevin killing a cat right in front of them.
-Why they were thankful they never had to work the Von Erichs.
-Their true feelings on the Von Erichs.
-Having to pick up the slack when the Von Erichs no showed house shows.
-Wrestling Jim Cornette & The Midnight Express in World Class
-Memories of Gino Hernandez & Chris Adams.
-Road and prank stories from World Class.
-Leaving World Class and going back to Mid-South.
-Their famous feud vs. The Sheepherders.
-Being in the first barbed wire matches.
-Working at The Crockett Cup.
-Why they never went to WWF or AWA.
-Memories of The Freebirds.
-Working Sting and Eddie Gilbert.
-When they realized UWF wasn't going to make it.
-Going to NWA.
-Getting pushed immediately into a feud vs. Midnight Express.
-Working Eaton & Condrey or Eaton & Lane.
-The road schedule in NWA.
-Working for Dusty Rhodes as booker.
-Touring All Japan.
-Working the All Japan style and top teams in All Japan.
-Fulton and Rogers share stories about their entire career and discuss all this and much, much more!!!

Region 0 (Plays Anywhere in the World)

First Listed On : August 1st 2018