ROH - Straight Shootin with Steve Corino (Pre-Owned DVD)

ROH - Straight Shootin with Steve Corino (Pre-Owned DVD)

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ROH - Straight Shootin with Steve Corino (Pre-Owned DVD)

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Straight Shootin'
with Steve Corino



Straight Shootin' With Steve Corino sees this international star talk about his entire career with many never before heard stories. Corino covers it all from his start in the business all the way up to his present day booking job in Japan's Zero-One promotion.

Corino holds nothing back in looking at his days in ECW including his true feelings about Tommy Dreamer and his present day relationship with Paul Heyman. Corino even talks about some hilarious road stories. What were some of the things Dreamer said to him backstage? What did he think of his ECW world title reign? What were the final days of ECW like?

Corino goes into detail on his recent indy appearances including his time in Ring Of Honor. What was the idea behind the long ring announcements? What are his thoughts on the Homicide feud? What happened when he lost his hearing? Corino answers these questions and lots more!!!

Corino also talks in detail about Zero-One including how Zero-One will adapt to life without Shinya Hashimoto and some of his booking plans. Corino talks about his favorite matches and worst moments in the ring including an injury suffered at the hands of Masato Tanaka. Corino really talks honestly about Zero-One's recent business and the Hustle shows.

These are only a few of the subjects covered by Corino who shares more road stories, his feelings on Jeff Jarrett and experiences in NWA TNA, the Fayetteville screw job and more. Corino delivers an interview where you'll laugh and learn about the wrestling business in this edition of the Straight Shootin' Series.

Topics Include:
-His start in the business.
-Training and his first matches.
-Who he learned the most from.
-Meeting Jarrett early in his career and how he's changed over the years.
-Working with Dawn Marie and Simon Diamond early in their careers.
-Working with Billy Kidman.
-Some great road stories.
-Getting into ECW.
-His first impressions of Paul Heyman.
-His current relationship with Heyman and why they made up.
-The party scene in ECW.
-Never before told road stories from ECW.
-Pranks that were played in ECW.
-His surprising feelings about Tommy Dreamer.
-Why he feels Dreamer held him back.
-Corino talks all about his experiences in ECW.
-Winning the ECW world title.
-Working with Dusty Rhodes.
-His favorite ECW matches and angles.
-His true thoughts on the ECW product in its last days.
-How he feels Dreamer tried to turn the locker room on Heyman.
-Things he would have done differently in ECW.
-His experience in NWA TNA.
-Going to Zero-One.
-His favorite matches in Zero-One.
-Lots of behind the scenes news from Zero-One.
-Booking in Japan.
-Road and prank stories from Zero-One.
-Low Ki's departure from Zero-One.
-Spanky leaving and returning to Zero-One.
-The Hustle shows.
-Getting a concussion from Masato Tanaka.
-His thoughts on Zero-One in the last year.
-Life in Zero-One without Hashimoto.
-His role in booking Zero-One.
-Booking plans in Zero-One.
-Who will get pushed in Zero-One to fill Hashimoto's shoes.
-His favorite and least favorite moments in the past year in Zero-One.
-His experience running World-1.
-Why World-1 didn't last.
-His thoughts on World-1's product.
-His opinion of Teddy Hart.
-The empty arena match he was supposed to have vs. Hart.
-The Homicide feud in ROH including losing his hearing and his famous matches vs. Homicide.
-Working CM Punk in ROH.
-His long ring entrances.
-Corino responds to the criticism of those ring entrances.
-Why he was out of ROH for so long.
-The Fayetteville screw job.
-Corino talks about all this and much, much more in this entertaining and informative shoot!!!

Region 0 (Plays Anywhere in the World)

First Listed On : August 1st 2018