ROH - Straight Shootin with Mick Foley 2 Disc Set ( Pre-Owned DVD )

ROH - Straight Shootin with Mick Foley 2 Disc Set ( Pre-Owned DVD )

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ROH - Straight Shootin with Mick Foley 2 Disc Set ( Pre-Owned DVD )

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Straight Shootin'
with Mick Foley
2 Disc Set

The biggest shoot interview ever is here!!! Straight Shootin' With Mick Foley is a must for any wrestling fan. Foley gives one of the most insightful and entertaining interviews ever right here on this double tape set.

The interview picks up where Foley's second book left off as Foley goes into details on all his recent WWE endeavors from being WWE commissioner to his feud vs. Randy Orton. Foley holds nothing back in giving his true feelings about the McMahon family and the writing team. What were some of Foley's ideas for the Orton feud that weren't used? What did Foley think of being commissioner? What was the deal when he resigned to Vince on the airplane? Why does he apologize to William Regal?

Foley is open about it all from his thoughts on the WWE vs. Alliance angle to being the ref in the Vince vs. Shane match at Wrestlemania to the ceremony where he was given the hardcore award in Madison Square Garden. This one goes behind the scenes in WWE as Foley takes you inside Vince's office for some of their heated discussions. You've never heard about this side of Foley or WWE before anywhere!!!

Foley talks about it all from Beyond The Mat to his books to wrestling Kawada in Japan to his charity work. This Straight Shoot has the one and only Foley discuss a number of interesting subjects.

This interview is a can't miss for Foley's comments on Ric Flair's book. Foley responds to everything that Flair wrote about him line for line. You won't believe some of the things Foley has to say about Flair. There has never been anything like this in a shoot style interview before.

Foley proves why he is one of the most intelligent, entertaining and unique individuals of all time right here with this Straight Shoot. This is the crown jewel of ROH's Straight Shootin' Series and you'll know why after watching it.

Here are just a few of the things that Foley discusses:
-His stint as commissioner after Wrestlemania in 2000
-Was it as fun as he hoped it would be.
-His favorite moments as commissioner.
-His opinion of the writing team.
-Who wrote his material.
-His idea for Mideon on his assistant.
-The reaction backstage to naked Mideon.
-What he thought of Debra as his assistant
-The angle where he revealed Rikishi ran over Steve Austin.
-Did he think Rikishi would be a let down.
-The angles with Vince McMahon putting over the dangers of the Hell In The Cell match.
-How he got along with McMahon.
-The office meeting with McMahon that ended up in a yelling fight.
-The angle on Raw where he tore up his resignation.
-His proposed match to William Regal.
-Foley apologizes to Regal.
-Why the street fight with Vince McMahon didn't happen.
-What he was unhappy with in WWE.
-The angle where he brought Linda McMahon back.
-How much a factor the release of his books had to do with his returns to WWE.
-Reffing the Wrestlemania XVII Shane McMahon vs. Vince McMahon match.
-Does he think Foley vs. Vince would have been better.
-Returning in October 2001 as commissioner.
-The Alliance vs. WWE angle.
-Hosting Survivor Series in a restaurant instead of at the live show.
-How he was getting along with the office at this time.
-The hard feelings between him and Vince.
-His opinion of the creative team at this time.
-The entire story behind when he and Vince McMahon parted ways on Vince's private plane.
-The match WWE wanted him to do that he turned down.
-The HHH vs. Kevin Nash match.
-Getting the hardcore award at Madison Square Garden.
-The injury he suffered that night when Randy Orton attacked him.
-Why Terry Funk wasn't there to give him the hardcore award.
-The angle where he returned to replace Steve Austin as co-general manager of Raw.
-Why he returned at this time.
-Foley goes into great detail on his feud vs. Randy Orton from the angle where Orton spit in his face and Foley walked out to the final match at Backlash.
-Who came up with the ideas for the Orton program.
-What Orton was like to work with.
-Orton's reaction to falling in the thumbtacks.
-The ideas Foley had that weren't used.
-The Wrestlemania XX match.
-why Foley wasn't happy with himself in that match.
-Working with Ric Flair.
-How Flair treated him in the locker room.
-Did Flair ever say anything about what Foley wrote about him in his book.
-Working with The Rock again.
-Did The Rock change with movie success?
-The writing team now compared to 2000.
-His thoughts on Orton becoming world champion.
-Will he keep returning to WWE?
-Wrestling Kawada on the Hustle show in Japan.
-Why he did the match even though he was injured from the Orton feud.
-Doing independent shows and conventions.
-What its like seeing the old timers again at the conventions.
-Thoughts on Beyond The Mat.
-Writing a fiction book and being accepted into the literature community.
-Thoughts on his first book.
-Would he go back and change anything in the book.
-What kind of influence WWE had in what he could or couldn't write in the books.
-Does he regret anything he wrote or anything he cut from the books?
-Today's hardcore wrestling that is more extreme with glass, light tubes and other weapons.
-The influence he's had on hardcore wrestling.
-His famous bumps in Hell In The Cell and the influence they've had.
-The media.
-Why he wasn't at the Raw 10th Anniversary Special.
-The Mick Foley DVD that WWE released.
-What changes he would make to the DVD.
-Writing the into to Terry Funk's upcoming book.
-Attending the recent Democratic National Convention.
-Plans to do a screen play on his first book.
-His celebrity friends.
-Does he follow WWE and independents when he's not in WWE?
-The final 30-45 minutes is the most unique and entertaining segment in Shoot Interview history!!! Foley holds nothing back in talking about Ric Flair and what Flair wrote about him in his recent book. Foley even goes through what Flair wrote about him line for line and responds!!! You've never seen anything like this before. We aren't going to write it up anymore because we don't want to spoil anything for you.
-In addition to all this, Foley discusses much more!!!

Region 0 (Plays Anywhere in the World)

First Listed On : May 1st 2021