ROH - Straight Shootin' with Konnan (Pre-Owned DVD)

ROH - Straight Shootin' with Konnan (Pre-Owned DVD)

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ROH - Straight Shootin' with Konnan (Pre-Owned DVD)

Region 0 (Plays Anywhere in the World)

Straight Shootin' with Konnan (DVD)

Straight Shootin' With Konnan sees this outspoken legend of lucha libre hold nothing back in giving his thoughts and stories on a number of subjects. Jim Cornette conducts this shoot interview and gets all the inside info out of Konnan. The unlikely combination of Cornette and Konnan provides a spirited discussion that includes WCW, ECW, WWE, TNA and of course wrestling in Mexico.

You'll hear about Konnan's early days in the business including his training with Rey Misterio under Rey's uncle, going to WWE as Max Moon and working for Ole Anderson in WCW. Konnan gives the scoop on Vince McMahon and who buried him in WWE.

This is a must for lucha libre fans as Konnan talks about EMLL, starting AAA with Antonio Pena and his break up with Pena. You'll get the inside scoop on the famous "When World's Collide" pay-per-view and his relationship with WCW. Konnan then takes you to his time in ECW and explains how Paul Heyman influenced him.

Konnan was a mainstay in WCW during its glory years. He gives his feelings on Eric Bischoff, the NWO and why he didn't go to WWE after WCW was sold. He found himself in a tough situation as he could not go back to Mexico and he talks all about being blackballed in this shoot.

Cornette questions Konnan about the early days of TNA as well as the LAX angle. The shoot interview also sees Konnan detail his reconciliation with Pena, his thoughts on Pena's death and what Pena meant to him.

These are only a few topics discussed in Straight Shootin' With Konnan. See what happens when you get two of the most knowledgeable, passionate and outspoken personalities in one room for an in depth shoot interview.

Bonus Feature:
Region 0 DVD. Will play anywhere in the world.

Region 0 (Plays Anywhere in the World)

First Listed On : August 1st 2018