Dragon Gate UK. : DG v UK. DVD

Dragon Gate UK. : DG v UK. DVD

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Dragon Gate UK : DG v UK DVD

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Dragon Gate UK Dragon Gate V UK Event DVD
Sunday October 23rd 2011
Beeston Community Centre, Nottingham, UK

This bonus event was held just outside Nottingham the day after the Huge Shingo v Yokosuka event, it's small intimate setting is change of pace from the usual Dragon Gate UK events, a more relaxed setting but that certainly didn't stop the competitors going all out. The excellent encounter between Marty Scurll and Tozawa became the most requested match for the following tour. Shingo takes on Mark Haskins, PAC faces of against stable match Yokosuka and Mad Man Manson debuts and some how damages himself more than his opponent!

• Insane Opening Match (Junction 3 vs Team Big Lenny Henry???)
GAMMA vs Mad Man Manson

• Team UK Revenge Match (
Team UK vs Blood Warriors)
Lion Kid vs CIMA 

• 3 Way Tag Team Match (Team UK vs Junction 3 vs Blood Warriors)
Martin Kirby & Joey Hayes vs Yoshino & Dragon Kid vs BxB Hulk & Naoki Tanizaki

• UK Revenge Match (Team UK vs Blood Warriors)
Marty Scurll v Akira Tozawa

• Stable Mates Do Battle (Junction 3 vs 
Junction 3)
PAC vs Susumu Yokosuka

• Haskins Biggest Challenge (Team UK vs Junction 3)
Mark Haskins vs Shingo


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Region 0 (Plays Anywhere in the World)

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