ROH - Straight Shootin' with Paul Ellering (Pre-Owned DVD)

ROH - Straight Shootin' with Paul Ellering (Pre-Owned DVD)

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ROH - Straight Shootin' with Paul Ellering (Pre-Owned DVD)

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Straight Shootin' 
with Paul Ellering

Straight Shootin' With Paul Ellering sees the legendary manager of Hawk & Animal, The Road Warriors, give an open and honest shoot interview about his entire career including life on the road with The Legion Of Doom. Ellering worked in all the major promotions during some of their hottest periods including WWF, NWA and AWA and he discusses it all right here.

Ellering is a unique individual who was part of some of wrestling's most historic and memorable cards and matches. You'll hear about his first push feuding with Jesse Ventura to being managed by Jimmy Hart in Memphis as the top heel to suffering injuries that forced him into managing in Georgia. From there you'll learn about the formation of the original Legion Of Doom.

Ellering tells all about life on the road with Hawk and Animal including how they were first put together on the fly. You'll learn about what this influential tag team was like outside the ring and who came up with the ideas that made The Road Warriors major attractions. Ellering also became the real life business manager of The Road Warriors and you'll hear about how he kept Hawk and Animal true independent contractors that worked for AWA, NWA and All Japan at the same time.

You'll be surprised at what Ellering told The Road Warriors to do in order to get over against veterans like Dick The Bruiser and Crusher. You'll hear about the title change that never happened and why. Did anyone ever have trouble working with Hawk and Animal? How did they handle being tested in Japan? What made them drop the tag titles to Jimmy Garvin and Steve Regal?

Ellering takes you up and down the roads in NWA from being in the first Wargames to the Night Of The Skywalkers to all the famous feuds against The Russians, The Midnight Express and The Powers Of Pain. Find about why the Road Warriors heel turn didn't work and what Ellering thought of Dusty Rhodes as booker.

Ellering also goes into detail about life in WWE from Rocco the puppet to why he didn't go to WWF initially with Hawk & Animal to turning on The Legion Of Doom and feuding with them to Hawk's alcoholic gimmick including the night he fell of the Titantron. Ellering gives his true thoughts on what life was like in WWE.

You'll hear about it all from Ellering's friendship with Hawk and why he wasn't surprised when he passed away to the glory years of The Road Warriors to why Ellering felt the gimmick had to be protected.

This edition of the Straight Shootin' Series is a must for fans of The Legion Of Doom and an insightful look into the wrestling business by one of the most famous managers ever.

Topics Include:
-Background as champion weightlifter.
-Going into the wrestling business.
-Training at Vern Gagne's school.
-Working at various territories including Mid-South, Georgia and Portland.
-Getting injured.
-His first real push vs. Jesse Ventura.
-What Ventura was like back then.
-Going to Memphis.
-Turning heel and being managed by Jimmy Hart.
-Getting Lawler's crown when Lawler was out with an injury.
-Who he learned the most from.
-Working for Bill Watts.
-Feuding with The Iron Sheik.
-Problems with injuries.
-Going to Georgia.
-What Ole Anderson was like as booker.
-Forming the first Legion Of Doom with Buzz Sawyer, Spoiler, Jake Roberts and King Kong Bundy.
-How he got paired with Animal & Hawk.
-His first thoughts on The Road Warriors.
-Where ideas for the gimmick came from like the haircuts, face paint and theme music.
-The gimmick getting hot.
-Managing Arn Anderson for a shot period of time.
-What Arn was like back then.
-Becoming Hawk and Animal's business manager.
-What the job entailed.
-Did anyone ever complain about The Road Warriors working too stiff?
-How Ellering negotiated for The Road Warriors to work AWA, NWA and All Japan at the same time.
-The riot in AWA.
-Why they didn't want to lose the AWA Tag Titles to Stan Lane & Steve Keirn.
-How they made the match where they were supposed to drop the titles a no contest.
-Vern Gagne's reaction to this backstage.
-Going to All Japan.
-How the Japanese wrestlers tried to test them.
-Going to Giant Baba about being tested.
-Ellering's plan if any of the Japanese tried to take advantage of them.
-Road stories with Hawk and Animal.
-What Hawk and Animal were like outside the ring and how they changed over the years.
-His friendship with both.
-How he found out Hawk passed away.
-Why he wasn't surprised that Hawk passed away.
-Working various territories like Memphis and Mid-South.
-How they set their own schedule and wrestled when they wanted to.
-What it took for them to drop the AWA titles to Jimmy Garvin and Steve Regal.
-Wrestling The Freebirds.
-Surprising details on how they made sure that veterans like Dick The Bruiser and Crusher sold for them.
-Going to NWA.
-Dusty Rhodes as booker.
-Feuds with The Russians, Midnight Express and Powers Of Pain.
-Teaming with Dusty Rhodes as six man tag champs.
-The first War Games.
-Being in the Tower Of Doom match.
-The Night Of The Skywalkers.
-Winning the first Crocket Cup.
-Working on AWA's big WrestleRock show the night after the Crocket Cup.
-Steroid use.
-The Four Horsemen.
-Hawk and Animal's title matches vs. Ric Flair.
-Thoughts on Demolition.
-Their heel turn vs. Dusty Rhodes and Sting.
-Why the heel turn didn't work.
-Why Ellering feels The Road Warriors only had three good years.
-Ellering's philosophy in keeping The Road Warriors fresh.
-Working The Varsity Club.
-Starcade '89 and why he didn't like the round robin tournament.
-Hawk and Animal leaving NWA and going to WWE.
-Why Ellering didn't go with them.
-Why Ellering didn't manage anyone else.
-Going to WWE and making his debut at Wrestlemania 13.
-The Rocco the puppet idea.
-WWE's use of Hawk & Animal and why he didn't like it.
-Turning on Hawk & Animal and joining DOA.
-Working with the Harris Brothers.
-Working Money Inc. in front of 80,000 people in Wembley Stadium.
-Why things didn't work out in WWE.
-The angle with Hawk as an alcoholic.
-The night Hawk fell off the Titantron.
-Working with Droz.
-His thoughts on Sunny managing Hawk & Animal.
-Vince Russo's writing.
-His passion of dog sled racing and what he's about to do that will get national attention.
-Ellering talks about all this and much, much more!!!

Region 0 (Plays Anywhere in the World)

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