ROH - Straight Shootin' with Brad Armstrong DVD

ROH - Straight Shootin' with Brad Armstrong DVD

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ROH - Straight Shootin' with Brad Armstrong DVD

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Straight Shootin' 
with Brad Armstrong 

Straight Shootin' With Brad Armstrong sees one of the most underrated wrestlers of the 80s talk about his entire career from growing up in the wrestling business to being in WCW during its demise. Armstrong was in almost all the top territories and played a number of colorful gimmicks and you'll hear about them all on this shoot interview!!!

Armstrong starts with his childhood and what it was like to grow up the son of "Bullet" Bob Armstrong. You'll hear the unique perspective of growing up with a famous father and how it helped and hurt his career. Armstrong also talks about all his famous brothers.

Armstrong discusses life on the road in territories like Continental, Georgia, Mid-South and Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Of course, Armstrong talks in great detail about his NWA and WCW career. Find it what it was like to learn the ropes against legends while teaming with future legends like Magnum T.A. and Shawn Michaels. What did Armstrong think of defeating Ernie Ladd so quickly for the North American Title in Mid-South? When did he finally break free from his father's shadow? What were the different territories like?

Armstrong talks about his entire stay in NWA from being on Starrcade to the Crocket Cup to what he thought of Dusty Rhodes as booker to teaming with Tim Horner as the Lightning Express. Armstrong was under a mask for a number of gimmicks including Badstreet in The Freebirds, Arachnaman and becoming half of Dos Hombres to take on Steve Austin & Brian Pillman.

You'll learn all about life in WCW from the Buzzkill gimmick and why it didn't work to being a member of Master P's No Limit Soldiers. What was Master P like? Why was his WCW career cut short? Did he like working for Eric Bischoff?

This entertaining and informative Straight Shoot provides you with a look at what its like to come from a wrestling family and perform with some of the most famous names in legendary promotions.

Topics Include:
-Watching his father wrestle while growing up.
-Going into wrestling himself.
-Being trained.
-The advantages of disadvantages of having a famous father.
-Working in Continental in Alabama.
-Who he learned from.
-Teaming with his dad in Continental.
-Going to the Georgia territory.
-What he learned in Georgia.
-The party scene in Georgia.
-Teaming with a young Magnum T.A.
-The road schedule.
-Leaving Georgia and going to Mid-South.
-Working for Bill Watts.
-Armstrong talks about all the big names in Mid-South.
-Beating Ernie Ladd for the North American title.
-Teaming with Shawn Michaels.
-What Michaels was like back then.
-Wrestling Ric Flair in the Omni.
-Going back to Continental.
-Going to All Japan.
-Starting in NWA.
-Working for Jim Crockett.
-How NWA compared to the territories he worked.
-The road schedule in NWA.
-Working Jimmy Garvin at Starrcade 86.
-Teaming with his father in the Crockett Cup.
-The drug scene.
-Teaming with Tim Horner as the Lightning Express.
-Wrestling The Midnight Express.
-When UWF merged with NWA.
-Dusty Rhodes as booker.
-Wrestling Barry Windham at the second Clash Of Champions.
-Wrestling Kevin Nash in his debut.
-Going back to Continental.
-Why things weren't the same in Alabama.
-The Badstreet gimmick.
-How he liked working with The Freebirds.
-The Arachnaman gimmick and if he liked it.
-Bill Watts coming to WCW.
-Wrestling top stars in WCW like Chris Benoit and Scotty Flamingo among others.
-How he ended up in a legends match at Slamboree and why he thought it was stupid.
-Taking Shane Douglas' spot and teaming with Ricky Steamboat under a mask.
-Working with Steve Austin & Brian Pillman.
-Going to New Japan.
-Going to Smoky Mountain Wrestling and teaming with Jim Cornette.
-SMW going out of business.
-Going to WCW.
-Locker room politics in WCW.
-Working for Eric Bischoff.
-Being on Nitro.
-Disorganization in WCW.
-Being in Master P's No Limit Soldiers.
-Master P saying whatever he wanted on promos.
-Teaming with Konnan & Rey Misterio Jr.
-Vince Russo's booking.
-The Buzzkill gimmick.
-Why his material as Buzzkill was always censored.
-How his WCW career suddenly ended.
-His brothers Brian, Steve and Scott.
-Brad Armstrong talks about all this plus much, much more!!!

Region 0 (Plays Anywhere in the World)

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