ROH - Straight Shootin with Francine ( Pre-Owned DVD )

ROH - Straight Shootin with Francine ( Pre-Owned DVD )

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ROH - Straight Shootin with Francine ( Pre-Owned DVD )

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Straight Shootin'
with Francine

Straight Shootin' With Francine sees "The Queen Of Extreme" open up and discuss her entire career. This is a must for Extreme Championship Wrestling fans as Francine was with the promotion from almost the beginning and was even trained at the first ECW wrestling school. Francine holds nothing back in talking about all her experiences in ECW from her start all the way up until the last show.

This shoot interview also comes from a different perspective as Francine reveals what its like to be a woman in the male dominated wrestling industry. Was she treated differently? Did she have a problem with men coming on to her? Was she ever accepted as one of the boys? Francine tells it like it is on this shoot.

Francine takes you on a journey of ECW's rise and fall from the perspective of someone who was there for it all. You'll hear all the inside scoop of ECW's growth in popularity to the first pay-per-view to going on TNN to when the checks started bouncing. Francine also covers life after ECW including what she is doing now and why she turned down a job in WWE.

Francine worked with all the top names in ECW and was involved in some of the promotions most memorable events. What did she think of being Stevie Richards' girlfriend and how the angle progressed with Raven? What happened when Bam Bam Bigelow broke her pelvic bone? How did she like working with the other women of ECW like Dawn Marie and Missy Hyatt? What are her thoughts on her famous match vs. Beulah McGuillicutty?

You'll hear about all the personalities that made ECW special from Paul Heyman to Raven to Tommy Dreamer to Shane Douglas to everyone in between. Francine even talks about how certain people changed over the years from Raven and his drug use to if Heyman suffered from creative burnout.

Francine talks about all this and much, much more. If you are an ECW fan then this edition of the Straight Shootin' Series is a must!!!

Topics Include:
-Why she got into wrestling.
-Her training with JT Smith.
-Was she treated differently because she was a woman.
-Meeting Tod Gordon.
-Working the indies.
-How she broke into ECW.
-Her first appearance in ECW as Ms. Montgomeryville.
-Did she think ECW would get as big as it got.
-Her role as Stevie Richards' girlfriend.
-First impressions of Raven.
-Her thoughts on the Raven gimmick.
-Her thoughts on the angle with Beulah McGuillicutty.
-Her match vs. Beulah.
-How she got along with Beulah.
-Managing The Pit Bulls.
-Working in a dog collar match.
-If the guys ever had a problem selling for her.
-Turning on The Pit Bulls
-Working with Shane Douglas.
-Mixed tags with Douglas vs. Beulah & Tommy Dreamer.
-Her thoughts on Dreamer.
-The locker room atmosphere at the first PPV.
-Were Douglas and Pit Bull disappointed in their match?
-Tod Gordon leaving the company.
-When she broke her pelvic bone.
-Why she still worked with the injury.
-Douglas leaving the company.
-Being Dreamer's valet.
-Thoughts on Dawn Marie.
-Wrestling Steve Corino at Heatwave 99.
-Did Corino have a problem putting her over.
-The TNN deal.
-Raven's return.
-Siding with Raven over Dreamer.
-What the morale of the locker room was like.
-Heyman going to less and less shows.
-The drug and party scene in ECW throughout its history.
-Bounced checks.
-When it looked like things might end.
-The last PPV.
-The last shows.
-The only thing Heyman did which upset her.
-Being on the first TNA show.
-Why she isn't in TNA now.
-Her thoughts on MLW and Court Bauer.
-Having breast enhancement surgery.
-Do women need plastic surgery in the wrestling business.
-Shane Douglas saying he won't work with her now.
-Her thoughts on Jasmin St. Claire.
-All this and much, much more!!!

Region 0 (Plays Anywhere in the World)

First Listed On : May 1st 2021